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Can’t stop listening! What a perfect late summer retro-throwback jam!

Currently listening (rather obsessively) to this fantastic album. These are gorgeous home recordings of Molly Drake, Nick Drake’s mama, singing from the 40’s!

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I’m watching Cheers from Season One right now. It’s become a minor addiction. I mean, does television get any better? 

Also, Diane Chambers. You’re my hero. (And I own several of the same blouses as you…)

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So cute!

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Staying in tonight with my iPad sketch pad! Got some good ideas for the Musical Mondays logo…which doodle do you respond most to?


Disney’s Paperman short is so, so good, you guys. Get ready for your heart to grow four sizes.

If this short doesn’t break your heart a little, I don’t know what will.

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Here’s A Video Of Two Men Experiencing Labor Contractions
Charlie Morrigan,

A Dutch TV program had a brilliant idea: have men put on devices that simulate childbirth contractions and film the results. Hilarity ensues. You should like Thought Catalog on Facebook here.

Charlie Morrigan

I just died laughing. Oh lawd help ‘em!

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I suppose it might be time to hit the refresh button soon, huh? (via Travel | From Me To You | Page 3)

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If You Were Planning a USO Canteen Party…


Broadway at Baker is fast approaching…and week one is The Hot Mikado. For those of you who think I’m speaking a foreign language right now, Broadway at Baker is a Musical Theatre overnight camp for 13-18 year olds in Baldwin City, Kansas, conducted each year by Music Theatre for Young People. (For a demonstration of the fierceness that now seems to be running inbred and unchecked in these kids…see this or this—at 2:08, then tell me you didn’t rewind that optional high note/jazzy riff combo at 2:15-2:22 once or twice!) It is such a special month for me. Working with these kiddos makes me about as happy as a lark…and they daily blow me away with their hunger, professionalism, talent, and ability to put on a damn fine show in one week. YES. That’s right. A full broadway musical. In one. WEEK. 

They arrive on campus on Sunday afternoon, move-in, and then it’s trial by fire. They are put through a rigorous dance audition, they cold read from the script, get a breather for dinner…then it’s off to vocals, callbacks, and by midnight the casting process is complete. They then have just a few very long days to put the show on it’s feet, learn their lines, choreo, music—everything…but sure enough, by Sunday afternoon, they’ve accomplished the incredible. It never ceases to amaze me!

Okay. So the first show of the Baker season is The Hot Mikado, a sensible 1940’s adaptation of Gilbert and Sullivan’s classic operetta, The Mikado. Oh, yes! How adorable. Anyway, we’re peppering the week’s activities with 1940’s goodness, and we came up with the idea of giving the dance a USO Canteen Party theme. So I need cute ideas. Put your thinking caps on…and give me some budget friendly ideas for throwing a great party. Got any great 40’s dance tunes? Send them my way. Hit me with your best shot. What’s your big idea?

It was a thrifty week! A queen size quilt originally from Anthropologie, a peachy sweet Vera scarf, a little gold “e” pin, and a gorgeous brown velvet blazer! All for under $15! (Taken with instagram)

My April.

Started rehearsing “The Bear,” and designed the set with Thomas and Miles.

Second-Annual Joanna and Elizabeth decorate Easter Eggs day!

Received Fan-Mail from Frankie!

Had a fancy night out with Miles, Thomas, and Andrea…gin shots beforehand.

Watched a storm roll in.

Saw Jerry Drake work his magic.

Spotted the biggest bug I’d ever seen!

Designed and then wrote 50 opening night cards.

Discovered that I was wrong about not liking to wear jewelry besides earrings after thrifting this ring.

Opened “Pippi Longstocking” at Children’s Theatre Company.

Got a new pair of pumped up kicks so as to run faster than a bullet.

Decided that I could rock a hat…why not?!

A Goal: My April

I stumbled upon this awesome post over at Design Crush today, and fell in love. I’m gonna give it a shot next month. I’d love to take more photos, and I think it’d be a fun thing to do to document this month ahead. Goal. Set.

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Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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Martin Phipps • Thornton's Walk • 1,851 plays

Because I so enjoy whenever North & South related things pop across my dash, but never reblog them…here’s a tasty soundtrack morsel. That theme just kills me…

Thornton’s Walk by Martin Phipps

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